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Director’s Message


“I think the organisation does an amazing job. 

  I know how challenging it is just running a small centre like ours and appreciate the enormous effort put in by many people in centres and the organisation worldwide. 

  I watched the first BP module and found it incredible that this quality of teaching is available even when you don’t have a teacher. 

  It takes huge effort to organise educational programmes such as those we have available to us. There is a need to continue to develop the Online Learning Centre.

             I look forward to seeing what comes in the future and hope I’m around in this life long enough to connect with even a small portion of what’s already on offer.”

          “TARANG’ always ready for Social changes. I wants to make a new India with self depended persons. I want nobody will depend another. It is a challenge and I accept it.”

          “Buddhist meditation doesn’t necessarily mean sitting cross-legged with your eyes closed. Simply observing how your mind is responding to the sense world can be a really perfect meditation and bring a perfect result.”


         Rajiv Kumar Ojha
             MD TARANG
  Imas Computer Education